Wildlife Conservation And Its Importance, Let Us See-

The Role Of The Forest Sector In A Green Economy

Wildlife Conservation is essential for both human and animal. Every living thing has its proper place. That is, in every area, environment, biome, there are plants and animals which form part of that ecosystem. Each piece requires the other elements for the whole system and all its pieces to work/function.

There is wildlife adapted to life on the plains, and life in the oceans and on the heights of mountains. Some_animals are part of the forest eco-system. They need it to live, and it needs them.

On another level, we all need the forests, for oxygen, and the balances of other gases.

Wildlife Conservation And Its Importance, Let Us See-
Wildlife Conservation And Its Importance, Let Us See-

Wildlife Conservation: Importance Of Forest

Forests are a vital part of the biosphere. Forest contains so many precious elements. Forest also causes raining. It is an essential_part of our nature. Wildlife conservation is the conservation of animals and plants in their habitat. Wildlife plays a significant role in balancing the ecosystem and provides stability to the natural phenomenons. Preservation of wildlife is essential nowadays. Every one of the society has the responsibility to protect wildlife. We have to conserve it for future_generations.

Forests are essential for the wildlife that lives in a forest, which is a small percentage, globally, even if you include the rainforests. Trees, while they do provide some oxygen, give off too small a percentage for the globe to let much multicellular life exist. The vast majority of oxygen is given off by algae.

While this may make it look like forests are unimportant to the US, and we might as well just cut them all down, we have to remember that our lives are dependent on the tree of global life, and every lower creature is dependent on everything below it. That includes everything that lives in a forest, which hasn’t evolved to live outside of a forest, be it plant or animal.

Wildlife Conservation And Its Importance, Let Us See-
Wildlife Conservation And Its Importance, Let Us See-

The Wild-life And It’s Important

Are you familiar with the concept of keystone species? Wildlife is a holistic system, dependent on many factors. But no animal captures the heart of conservation more than the bison.

I’m going to use the example of ReGen Ag and bison. The US used to have endless plains of grasses grazed on by literally millions of bison. The bison and grass were dependent on each other. The bison, of course, ate the grasses but also ensured the future generations of grasses. First, their hooves disturbed the soil at a minimal depth exposing just enough nutrients for new grasses. Second, the buffalo chip, a big warm fertilizer bomb full of undigested seeds, gets introduced over a large and sometimes new area.

Native Americans were so dependent on the bison that arguably, the government sought to destroy their culture and very existence by removing what they relied most on, the bison. By US Government systematically encouraging the decimation of bison, Native Americans found themselves confronted with the choice of starvation or compliance.

Thankfully, some brave conservationists stepped in before it was too late when the great bison herds had got reduced to just a few thousand. And now years later we understand the importance of bison to the eco-systems they inhabit.

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