Wildlife And Exotic Animal Conservation

Conservation: Wildlife Versus Exotic Animals

Nowadays, the debate about the effectiveness of the Endangered Species Act is as much about which parts of the ecosystem should be protected as which species. This has created a lot of confusion. While some of us think we support conservation through the Endangered Species Act, we mean something else entirely.

Preserving Species For Future Generations

We may support species conservation with the idea that we want to preserve these species for future generations. However, this doesn’t have anything to do with animals being endangered. All species are not endangered, and all species are not vulnerable. Many species are thriving well in our ecosystem.

Conservation: Wildlife Versus Exotic Animals
Conservation: Wildlife Versus Exotic Animals

Under eco-conservation, we focus on conserving species, rather than on exotic animals. If we focus on species, there will be fewer animal-rights extremists involved in trying to get us to protect species at the expense of all other types of life. Conserving wildlife does not mean that we ignore all non-human life. Nor does it mean that we ignore any other types of life that need to be conserved.

Preserve Our Own Lives First

One of the issues here is that we want to preserve our own life and well-being. We like our country and are proud of its beauty. So, we go out of our way to protect our water, air, land, and wildlife.

Conservation: Wildlife Versus Exotic Animals
Conservation: Wildlife Versus Exotic Animals

For example, we make sure to clean up our lakes and make sure to protect nesting birds from problems. We also attempt to keep their numbers down. And, we try to stop any problems they cause, such as bird flu, plague, or forest fires. But, we don’t preserve species and look for problems with these species to solve.

The Animal Rights Movement

I am a bird-lover. I love my country and want to protect its wildlife. However, I also don’t like the animal-rights movement, because they want us to protect other animals while ignoring their kind.

A few years ago, I helped organize an event to promote our national park system. The stated goal was to promote our parks to attract more visitors and to protect endangered species by taking them off of the endangered species list.

The speakers of the day took up this idea and encouraged people to protect endangered species, even if they didn’t know that these were threatened. They spoke about the importance of protecting these species, and when I ask what would happen if people didn’t conserve these species, they said, “If we don’t, their numbers will diminish. And then, some of them will die of starvation. Other species will decline in number. And, I guess, the problem that some people are scared of is if we don’t protect them, they will be destroyed. So, for that reason, we need to conserve them.”


But what they meant by the eco-conservation was to protect endangered species and other lifeforms for the enjoyment of humans. It was to save animal-life from people that enjoy their life. It was to preserve human life from animal life.

Government Protection Of Wildlife

The problem, of course, is that although the government has the authority to protect wildlife, it doesn’t always do it. Whether it is for environmental reasons or wildlife, we are often enthusiastic about these things.

Ending Thoughts

People aren’t just demanding eco-conservation, but they are also wanting a separate Exotic Animals Act. This is because they believe that endangered species are going extinct. When I say “extinct,” I’m not saying they are just gone.

I’m saying that certain animal-life is endangered, and this is mostly due to humans, not wildlife. And I want to protect other wildlife and plant life for a healthy ecosystem.

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