Why Are Green Plants Important For The Environment?

Why Green Plants Are Important For The Environment?

Green plants are considered as the soul of the planet Earth. You cannot think of even breathing for a while without plants. Anything that you have on this planet is all because of plants. They play a crucial role in sustaining the life of trillions of species on Earth. You might hear of slogans like:

Go Green, Go Clean!

Sadly, we continue to destroy forests and greenery with decisions that negatively affect our environment. So, let us put some light to open up perspectives about the importance of plants for our environment.

Why Green Plants Are Important For The Environment?
Why Are Green Plants Important For The Environment?

Greenery Gives Us Oxygen

The plants on this planet play a vital role in absorbing carbon dioxide that we release during respiration and, in return, provide us oxygen to sustain our life. Without plants, the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases will increase and make our air unfit for breathing. You cannot close your eyes and forget plants, tress, parks, and forests because these are the lungs of the planet.

Greenery Feeds The Environments

Only plants have the magic of photosynthesis to process raw materials such as water, CO2, and inorganic materials into organic food for us. Whatever you are eating right now comes from plants. Aside from this, plants are the raw material for most things we need such as food, paper, rubber, housing, clothing, beliefs, systems, weather, medicine, transport – and more, all these come from plants. Plants are considered as a mother feeding their trillions of selfish children and yet gets destroyed.

Pollution Absorber

Plants also have the ability to absorbing pollution and make earth pollution-free. They absorb harmful gases such as carbon-dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and the like thus keeping the air clean and fresh. Planting more trees around roads also helps in absorbing noise pollution. You will be surprised to know that trees can absorb harmful radiation and heavy metals that can make us very sick.

Why Green Plants Are Important For The Environment?
Why Is Greenery Important For The Environment?

The Backbone Of Industries

Industries cannot take a single step without using plants. Everything that is manufactured in industries for human use is either directly or indirectly dependent on plants. Plants provide raw materials for industries such as furniture, food paper, energy, medicines, and many other things. You cannot think of progressing a single step onwards without plants to help any industry.

Biodiversity Saver

We have lost various species on Earth in the past two decades because of deforestation. We keep on destroying their habitats when we cut down trees. Plants not only feed species but also help in saving billions of species on Earth that are now threatened. Plants, as mentioned, serve as a mother who takes care of her children, saving them from danger. If we plant more and more trees and save the forest, then automatically, biodiversity will be protected.

So, we hope that you take to heart this knowledge about the importance of plants to our planet. They provide us with so much, but, like foolish children, we keep on exploiting destroy them. Then people keep on asking why is nature becoming cruel to us. So, plant more and more trees to protect our environment and keep your life healthy and wise.

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