Two Facts About Pollution That Should Shock You -

Two Facts About Pollution That Should Shock You

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You may also know that pollution can harm human health and damage the environment. There are many misconceptions about the nature of pollution. In this article, we will look at the facts about pollution and what the solutions are.

Firstly, let us look at the facts about pollution. Pollution is actually the arrival of dangerous contaminants into the environment which cause drastic change to the environment. Pollutants can take the form of noise, light, or heat, for example. There are 7 main types of pollutants. The other facts about pollution discussed below these 7 types of pollutants.

Motor Vehicle Emission

Motor vehicle emission is one of the most prominent facts about pollution. This form of air pollution or smog is a problem in India. It is estimated that more than 60 million people a year die because of breathing in motor vehicle exhaust gases. In fact, most of the Indian deaths attributed to air pollution are in Delhi and nearby areas.

Another popularly known fact about India is about the air pollution caused by burning fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil. These gases cause a lot of damage to the environment. In fact, these types of gases cause approximately twenty-five billion deaths and damages every year due to their adverse effects on the environment. On the contrary, there are also facts about the benefits of using alternate sources of energy like wind and solar power.

Bad For Health

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No one has tried to prove the facts about air pollution but everyone knows that it is bad for health. This is because the carbon monoxide that is being emitted by vehicles is harmful to breathe. When you notice increased carbon monoxide levels at your home or office, you should get a sample of the air for testing. This will help you find out what is causing the increased level of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

One of the most important facts about air pollution that everyone should know is about light pollution. According to research, approximately one hundred and fifty million people in the world are not able to see the moon, stars, and the sun because of excessive lighting from artificial lights. Light pollution also affects plant growth. The seventh largest source of global light pollution is our use of indoor lighting. In fact, the leading causes of death related to indoor light pollution are: cancer, cataracts, tuberculosis, cataract, and herpes.

Marine Toxicity

The second most dangerous result of global warming is marine toxicity. Studies have shown that global warming has caused increases in toxic species in both oceans and seas. One of the most dangerous results of global warming is death from coral disease.

Coral reefs play an important role in the food chain as they are a major source of food for fish and other sea creatures. A recent study showed that coral reefs could disappear within the next twenty years if something is not done to stop global warming. Although the Coral Reef is rare, many coral reefs throughout the world are still alive.


These are just two of the facts about pollution that should inform everyone today. Although they are two of the most dangerous results of global warming, there are still many more. By eating organic foods, going green at work, using energy efficient appliances and living in a location that does not allow excessive amounts of light or sound pollution, we can help stop pollution today. It is simply a matter of switching to these changes or we will continue to see our planet in trouble.

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