Top Eco Friendly Products For Businesses -

Top Eco Friendly Products For Businesses

top eco friendly products

Top eco friendly products include household cleaning supplies that are made from natural, recycled materials. You should be able to find these products at your local grocer or hardware store. There is a wide range of cleaners available, but the best ones are those made from compostable material. In most cases, you can also make your own comfortable cleaners. For instance, you can make 50 spoons of tomato paste and use those instead of buying tomato ketchup.

Eco friendly Bags 

eco friendly

Bamboo Eco friendly bags are one such example. These bags are washable and reusable and they have been called the “green grocery bag.” Other eco friendly products include sustainable cooking equipment, such as bamboo steamers and bamboo cutlery. One type of utensil that has been gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly product is bamboo coffee makers.

Bamboo has become a popular choice for packaging since it is strong, durable and looks very attractive. You can purchase bamboo products such as straw holders and straw bags. In addition, there are straw tape strips, bamboo staples and bamboo razors. Many companies, including Green Seal, will give you a 10 percent discount when you purchase a bamboo product such as bamboo tape.


eco friendly

Bamboo toothbrush caps are another example of bamboo friendly products. Toothbrush caps made from bamboo are popular because they are stylish, lightweight and biodegradable. The reason why these items are so popular is because bamboo grows very quickly. Once planted, it takes only a short period of time to harvest enough bamboo to make a significant amount of toothbrush caps. These items are especially attractive as promotional items for businesses.

There are a number of ways you can promote your business using eco friendly packaging. If you want to sell food products, you could have each purchase includes a reusable produce bag. For clothing and accessories, you could offer customers reusable produce bags at the time of checkout.

Great Biodegradability 

You can make customers aware of your efforts to be more environmentally friendly by providing information about biodegradability. For example, you can provide information on straw and other bio degradable bamboo products. On your web site, you can have a complete line of such items, or you can simply provide informational brochures and catalogs. The catalogs and brochures can include not only detailed descriptions of each item, but they can also include recommendations for how to care for and store the items, and tips for making the items more eco-friendly. This information is important, since many people will be shopping for and using bamboo toothbrush handles and straws repeatedly, and will need to know how to properly care for the items.

For a great gift idea, a client may want to buy a bamboo toothbrush handle with a handle made from organic bamboo fiber. If you can supply them with bamboo stemware and straws in a similar material, it will not only be appreciated by them, but it will also be environmentally responsible. Another great gift idea would be a bamboo biodegradable utensil set, especially if the client is interested in learning how to make their own organic bamboo products. They will love being able to make things at home, and you can show them how easy it is to make organic bamboo cutlery, napkins, and other items with a little education, and a lot of imagination.


Clients will also love the convenience of having their own reusable bamboo cutlery and other utensils, and they will appreciate the reduction in household trash. If you are unable to provide any green products that are truly eco-friendly, try offering your client a certified recycled product. Many companies require the purchase of a certain number of items that are certified recycled, such as paper bags, disposable cups, and biodegradable trash and biodegradable plastics. If your business does not offer these types of gifts, consider doing so. Not only will your customers be happy that you did, but they will also be much happier knowing that you are taking the fight towards green living and environmental responsibility seriously.

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