The Most Worrying Facts About China River Pollution - Know It All Here - The Most Worrying Facts About China River Pollution - Know It All Here -

The Most Worrying Facts About China River Pollution – Know It All Here

china river pollution

Everyone knows that China is a country that is making strides in the path of industrial growth. China has long been called an “economic miracle,” because, in recent decades, the country has certainly led the production of steel, machinery, food and is also striving to become the world’s leading automotive industry. Of course, in this regard, the well-being of the people of the Middle Kingdom is constantly increasing, but China’s ecology threatens to turn into a large-scale catastrophe for the entire planet. Besides, the situation is getting worse every year.

China’s Water Resources

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The estimated annual rainfall from China’s waterways is 2,500 cubic kilometres, and the country’s groundwater is 828.8 cubic kilometres. The cumulative amount available as pumping water collects water from surrounding rivers is smaller than the amount of surface and groundwater, and is just 2821.4 cubic metres. Southern China is home to 80% of these commodities. Surface water accounted for 82 percent of China’s gross water reserve in 2016, while groundwater accounted for just 18 percent. Because of the lower rainfall, the northern region of China relies more on groundwater than the southern part.

A Shocking Revelation

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Jared Diamond stated in a 2005 book Collapse that over the past 50 years, exploitation in the form of dams and other irrigation infrastructure has almost stopped the Yellow River natural course from threatening to drain the entire river valley. River stagnation or stagnation has increased since the 1980s due to increased water use and waste. In 1997, the lower Yellow River did not flow 230 days a year, which is more than 2000% more than 1988. Increased erosion and sedimentation, especially in the Loess Plain, has made the river much less operating on board. – 

Water Pollution In China

Many freshwater resources are concentrated in the south, and the freshwater resources in the north are only 1/4 of the water resources in the south. In addition to water shortages, water pollution problems are prominent. According to the cross-section monitoring of China’s seven major water systems in 2001, only 29.5% meet the minimum requirements for Grade III water quality to enter the water plant, while water quality inferior to Grade 5 is as high as 44%.   Besides, China’s shallow groundwater resources are more polluted. About half of the urban areas of underground water pollution is serious about shallow groundwater and has been polluted to some extent 50% of the region.

 Cases Of Contamination

Hubei Shuanghuan Science and Technology Stock Co. Poisoned at least 100 tons (220,000 pounds) of fish in a river in central Hubei Province in September 2013 by releasing ammonia into the Fuhe river.

 Summing Up

China is a severely water-scarce country. The seven major river systems of Haihe River, Liaohe River, Huaihe River, Yellow River, Songhua River, Yangtze River, and Pearl River are all polluted. The situation in the coastal areas of Wanli is not optimistic, and red tides are coming every year as scheduled. In the beautiful Bohai Bay, turbid currents are splashing, and oil is floating on the sea. According to statistics before July 2011, more than 400 of China’s 660 cities lack water, and two-thirds of them have an insufficient water supply. 

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