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We are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality medical marijuana to our clients while building a world-class work environment. Our team consists of fully trained specialists who are committed to providing the best possible care to each of our clients. “Green Earth Collective is one of the first cannabis cultivation facilities to be approved by the state. Established in 2021 by two brothers, James and Stephen Strangis, we have been expanding our product offering to the medical marijuana community.

The Management

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Our management team hails from a background in fine wine and culinary arts, with a strong background in agriculture and responsible growth as parents. Our passion for excellence was magnified when we decided to open Green Earth Collective; our goal was to produce the best possible cannabis product while maintaining our company’s integrity and dedication to customer service. As we expand into new markets and strive to provide our clients with a better product and service, we will continue to strive for the ideal customer/worker relationship.

The Team

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With a small staff and limited finances, we have worked hard to make sure that every aspect of our production is as efficient as possible. We strive to work with our clients to select the most appropriate strains, which is the most important factor in the quality of our finished product. When it comes to growing our own marijuana plants, we follow a simple methodology that ensures that the plants are only exposed to a minimal amount of stress, allowing them to flower beautifully throughout the season. From start to finish, our cultivation procedure follows a strictly organic protocol.

The Objective

Cultivation of marijuana plants has always had a significant environmental impact. The soil used for cultivation has been the source of contamination in other crops for years. Today, we utilize hydroponic techniques and highly advanced technology to control the environment in which our plants are growing. Using controlled humidity, high-powered light systems, and pH and saltwater solutions, we are able to replicate the nutrient-rich soil in which native plants grow naturally. This allows us to provide the most complete nutrition for our patients with the least harmful conditions.

The Mission

We strive to work with partners who share a vision of making a positive difference in the communities in which we work. We also want to work with people who have a commitment to public health and safety and a commitment to building healthy lifestyles. As a result, all employees undergo drug testing as a condition of employment. In addition to drug testing, we have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or illicit substance use.

The Endeavours

Our goal is not to criminalize responsible, tax paying adults who simply choose to use medical marijuana for medical reasons. Our goal is to legalize and regulate commercial marijuana so that it is accessible to anyone who wants it. Our tax structure is designed to reward people who are taking responsibility for using safe and effective medicine, and reduces the black market appeal that exists today. Our tax system provides state and local revenue for vital public programs. These programs include public health, schools, healthcare, crime prevention and elder care. These resources will no longer be in jeopardy due to the illegal marijuana industry.

Financial Cost Study

Marijuana is currently the most widely used illegal drug in America. In addition to the financial cost to society created by increased incarceration, the health and social risks created by marijuana are enormous. Over two million Americans are now addicted to marijuana and many more become daily users. Smoking marijuana on a regular basis can cause many short and long term health problems, from short term memory loss to loss of coordination and balance. It can also lead to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, and depression and can cause various forms of damage to the brain and lungs including but not limited to seizures, slurred speech, and heart failure. Some studies have shown that marijuana use can also reduce attention span and decrease the number of short term memory loss in some children.

Wrapping Up

Marijuana arrests take over two-thousand lives every year, costing millions of dollars in court fines and corrections. The Green Earth Collective is working hard to eliminate marijuana charges and build alternative sentencing programs that will not negatively affect our community. The GOC has developed an open and very strong working partnership with the local prosecutor’s office and police departments in the three counties surrounding Greenfield. Through this cooperative effort we plan to bring the justice system into alignment with the desires of the people.

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