The Benefits Of Owning Guinea Pigs Or Mice In Small Animal Cages And Huts

small animal habitats and cages

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Needs To Be The Right Size

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The cage you choose to house your small animal habitat and cages needs to be the right size and not too large or too small for your pets. Small rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and rats all have a specific need. For example, gerbils need a medium to large size cage with multiple rungs to climb on. Rabbits need a large cage with a door on the side because they are small animals and do not like being alone. Hamsters will need a large enough cage with multiple rungs for them to climb and one with a door on the side.

Small rabbit cages should be no larger than 4 inches by 4 inches. The rungs of the cage can be used to hang ladders for your ferrets to play in the wild, but you want a cage with secure locks so your ferrets cannot get out. Sugar gliders are very active and adventurous little animals and like to explore their environment when let free of their small cages. To keep your sugar glider safe, purchase a cage with a secure lock.

When shopping for hutches take a look at the inside layout because animals feel comfortable in a well-designed cage or habitat. Most people prefer hutches with one large door and two front doors. You should choose a durable metal material such as aluminum, which is rust resistant. If you choose wood, make sure it is treated so it will not rot. Most pet stores carry a variety of hutches to choose from and most have good prices.

Smaller animals such as guinea pigs’ cages or rats cages should be no larger than one foot by two feet. They should be made from wire mesh and solid sides. Plastic types of hutches are usually not strong enough to support the weight of the animal it is housing. A good cage for guinea pigs or rats would be a metal one with wire sides and doors. It would provide protection to the animal from drafts and provide a clean room to exercise in.

Cages for ferrets or mice can be found at any local pet stores or online. They can be decorated to look like homes for small animals. Some pet stores sell hutches that have small animal themes, such as baby chicks, or cartoon characters. You can even find designer small animal hutches for your ferret or mice.

If you want something different and more luxurious, there are hutches that are made of wood and come with two cozy living areas. There are even small animal habitats with a comfortable bed at the top with a ladder on the side. The bottom of the cage has four levels and a slide on the side for easy access to your pets. These four levels give you a place for your pet to sleep comfortably and play while they are indoors.


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No matter what type of small animal cages or habitats you choose, remember to always provide clean water for your pet. Also make sure the hutches are safe for your guinea pig or mouse. Check out the cost of your new cages by comparing it to other brands. Many companies offer special deals to make customers aware of their low price. Make sure you get your money’s worth and enjoy a fun and relaxing life with your guinea pigs or mice.

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