The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance -

The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance

The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance

The Amazon rainforest is a vast area spanning across eight countries, namely Bolivia, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname, and Ecuador. It even covers a part of the territory of France called French Guinea.

The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance
The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance

The Landscape Of The Amazon Rainforest

The landscape of the rainforest contains 1/10 of some well-known species of plants and animals on Earth. It also speaks of 4, 100 miles of rivers and 1.4 billion acres of forests. The Amazon covers around 40% of South America.

Hence, the importance of this rainforest can clearly be understood. There is a clear connection between the health of the forest and that of the entire planet. This rainforest has carbon of around 90 to 140 billion metric tons. It aids in making the universal and also local climate steady. Releasing the carbon content in this part of the world will not be a wise decision. Thus, Deforestation of the Amazon can have catastrophic results across the globe.

The Amazon Rainforest Filters And Reprocesses Harmful Carbon Dioxide Output

Trees have a secret feature that plays a vital role in bringing about a reduction in levels of pollutants. Take, for instance, carbon dioxide is a gas emitted by both human and natural sources. Moreover, human activities across the world have led to the emission of massive quantities of this dangerous gas. These activities include burning of oil, coal, natural gas, and also fuels.

What the trees take from air, they have the potential of giving back. If trees catch fire, they release CO2 which pollutes the atmosphere. The environment does not want more CO2, because it already has excessive amounts. If the Amazon gets destroyed, carbon dioxide in large quantities will not get transformed through photosynthesis. The trees in the Amazon rainforest carry out the task of filtering and also reprocessing carbon dioxide.

How The Amazon Rainforest Safeguards The Universal Climate?

Tropical woodlands and forest exchange large quantities of energy and water with the environment. Thus, they are helpful in controlling regional and local climates. Plants release water into the environment through transpiration and also evaporation. It also influences the circulation of ocean current and the climate across the world.

The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance
The Amazon Rainforest And Its Importance

The Amazon Is A Cure

So, do you find any link between the amazon wildlife and the blue and green pills in your drawing room cupboard? For several years, people have used plants, insects, and various other organisms from the Amazon for different uses. We can use the products from the animals and plants for curing different diseases.

They have used different animals and plants for clothing, agriculture, and even as a cure for several diseases. Indigenous individuals like the Yanomamo have effectively used various chemical elements found in animals and plants.

This process is widely practiced in the areas surrounding the Amazon. It forms an integral part of the everyday life. It also provides the identity of individuals in this part of the world. Wide-scale damage of this rainforest can result in severe problems for the human race.

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