Recycle Grocery Bags – How To Take Care Of Them So They Last Longer

Recycle Grocery Bags

Recycle Grocery Bags can be the most abused item in the home. They get thrown around like toys, stuffed into bags, and left to sit for days until they are ready to be delivered to your door. They may even find their way to the garbage when you are trying to recycle them. What do you do with the mess?

You put the grocery bag in the washing machine and then dump it into the trash bin. The big question that most people have is how do you keep the bags clean after they’ve been through the washer and dryer. And, how do you recycle the bags once you’ve picked them up from the recycling center?

Handling Recycle Grocery Bags With Care

Recycle Grocery Bags - How To Take Care Of Them So They Last Longer
Recycle Grocery Bags – How To Take Care Of Them So They Last Longer

With a little know-how, you can handle your grocery bag like a pro. Use some of the following suggestions to clean them up and also recycle them into something good. There is no need to throw them out.

Empty out an old grocery bag that has some food or soda in it. It’s likely filled with peanut butter, cereal, crackers, and even cold drinks. Once you have cleaned up the mess, you’ll know where to start with the next one.

First, look for the plastic bags that were used to carry the old products. They usually are still in good shape. They can be just what you need to bring back a bag full of other food and items you need for storage.

Choosing Plastics Again Makes It Easier

The next time you go shopping, take a look at the plastic bags and try to pick up as many as you can. If you can reuse them, that’s even better. The plastic bags can hold a lot of items that are either already cut up or don’t need any more processing.

You can also make some new boxes from your recycle by taking a few produce boxes and cutting them into cubes. These cubes can be used to store apples and other fruits. You can even use them to pack some extra supplies in case you run out of other types of produce during the week.

If you want to get rid of some of the bigger grocery bags that can have more weight than other bags, you can freeze them. Just make sure that they aren’t wrapped around the handles of your vehicles. When you thaw them out, they will be covered in frost.

Using It For Food And Other Purposes

Recycle Grocery Bags - How To Take Care Of Them So They Last Longer
Recycle Grocery Bags – How To Take Care Of Them So They Last Longer

You can use the bags to pack up some sandwiches or other foods to use as a snack. The smaller sizes will fit better in your mouth so they won’t fall out all over the place. This will save you the time you’d spend trying to find something to put in your pocket.

If you want to use some of the smaller grocery bags for storing your pet food or dishes, take some to the kitchen or a friend’s house. Give them a good rinse before putting them in the trash. The ones that are already cut up should hold food without breaking down too much. But the ones that are not will still need to be tossed in the trash.

Many online auction sites sell grocery bags that are in good shape and are also recycled. These sites often accept multiple orders so you can get great deals on them. Look for the websites that offer delivery and pickup services to get your order right the first time.


Don’t throw away your grocery bag. Make sure you get as many of them out of the recycling bin as possible so you can help save the environment. There are many ways you can reuse your grocery bags and recycle them into something good.

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