Health Benefits Of Purslane Plant

purslane plant

A purslane plant is a huge flowering plant, native to the West Indies and South America. It is the second most common flower in the United States, trailing only by orchids, with over two million bulbs planted every year. While most people associate purslane bulbs with Mediterranean countries, it can grow in colder climates as well. This plant thrives in the shade of trees, shrubs, rocks, and grasses.

In the fall it provides you with some very beautiful blooms in the form of large bulbs that grow on large branches, while in the springtime the flower spikes are edible and nutritious. It is eaten in Spain, especially at Easter time, but not widely known here in the states.

Purslane Plant Benefits

Like all herbs, purslane has its own individual uses. Some of the most popular include:

Health Benefits Of Purslane Plant
Health Benefits Of Purslane Plant

For pregnant women, purslane has been shown to lower blood pressure in women who are carrying children. It has also been shown to reduce the occurrence of preterm labor. An increased intake of this herb during pregnancy has also been associated with a lower occurrence of congenital defects in children born to high-risk mothers.

A purslane supplement can be taken to help those suffering from heartburn and gastritis. It is also beneficial for people who have acid reflux and diverticulitis. It can be taken as a pill, added to tea, or combined with other herbs that help to relieve digestive problems.

Studies About The Plant

Due to its antioxidant benefits, some studies have shown that a purslane plant can reduce inflammation in the body. It can be taken topically or taken in a capsule.

While it might sound funny, those who suffer from an acid reflux problem are advised to chew this herb. Scientific research has shown that chewing the leaves of this plant can relieve the pain and discomfort associated with this problem.

This herb helps to increase the number of antioxidants in the body, which can help the body to neutralize free radicals. This property can be used to treat a variety of diseases including Alzheimer’s disease. Those who take this herb may notice a reduction in memory loss and slow physical decline.

Some Side Effects That You Should Know

While there are no known side effects, the herb should be taken with caution. You should also be careful not to overdo it. If you have a migraine problem, it is best to avoid the herb altogether.

While it may seem like a good thing that the primary use of this plant is to provide a flower, the truth is that the leaves and roots contain high levels of folic acid. The folic acid helps to keep the liver healthy and help it to perform its functions as efficiently as possible.

Health Benefits Of Purslane Plant
Health Benefits Of Purslane Plant


The leaves and root extracts from this plant can help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. They can also be helpful in lowering high blood pressure and heart disease. Though not tested extensively, there is some evidence that shows these herbs can help prevent some forms of cancer, especially if taken for long periods of time.

Using this herb regularly can help you to stay healthy and disease-free. Purslane is a powerful plant that has shown great promise in fighting off certain illnesses and improving the body’s overall health.

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