Ocean Acidification And Coral Reefs

Ocean Acidification on coral reefs is an unknown topic to society. Moreover, the rapid expansion of the layer of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, causing Global Warming as well as Ocean Acidification.

Now the scenarios for coral reefs will change over this century. Moreover, ocean acidification is affecting the coral reefs and it’s destroying the eco-system. However, the anthropologists provided a framework for the changes happening in coral reefs and to excite future management. It concerns the future!

Ocean Acidification On Coral Reefs
Ocean Acidification And Coral Reefs Destructive Influence

Causes Of Ocean Acidification On Coral Reefs

However, from the commencement of the Industrial Revolution, the surface of pH on ocean water has declined by 0.1 pH units. However, this change illustrates approximately 30 percent growth in acidity.

Moreover, as scientists predicted the future, the ocean will absorb more carbon dioxide in the upcoming days. On top of that, Carbonic Acid disjoints to form bicarbonate ions and protons. Carbonic Acid reduces the presence of carbonate to the system. It blocks the structure of reef-building corals. However, as the level of acidity increases in the ocean, the health of coral reefs are ruining.

Effects Of Ocean Acidification:

The hard corals help to build the reef, and they structured with calcium carbonate. It is the same substance, found in the shells of oysters, clams, and snails. The calcium in the water helps to build a coral skeleton.

Coral reefs are already affected by much other oppression. But ocean acidification is a more significant threat to the corals. Ocean acidification is interrupting the growth of the coral structures. However, it will be challenging for marine species to survive this situation.

Ocean Acidification On Coral Reefs
Ocean Acidification And Coral Reefs Destructive Influence

Prevention Of Ocean Acidification:

A variety of scientists are engaged in the prevention of coral loss. Many groups of activists came forward to help the coral to rebuild. However, to prevent this situation, the reduction of carbon footprint is a crucial step. Using less energy at home will also help the climate.

Conserving water and reducing the usage of plastic will make a difference to the environment. Recycling is an excellent initiative for minimizing pollution. The burning of coal, gases are one of the significant contributors to acidification.

Most people are not aware of the reasons for climate change. Destruction of wildlife is one of them. On top of that, we must inform everyone about the problems and join campaigns to stop the issues.

Since ocean acidification is another reason for the increasing CO2 in the environment, many people came forward to help. We must help them to slow down the process! As an individual, we can do many things for the community that will help the marine eco-system to rejuvenate.

The main goals are to use energy more systematically. Also to protect the marine habitats so that the wildlife can bounce back from the loss as soon as possible. Help the environment to give a healthy life for the future generation.

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