New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream -

New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream

New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream

If you have paid a visit to the Penguinarium at Detroit Zoo, you will know how impossible it is to escape the appeal of the penguins there. Penguins are exceptionally charismatic and interesting animals. However, they can also suffer from several health problems if they do not get the right living environment. The brand new penguin facility called Polk Penguin Conservation Center has been built.

It provides a living environment where penguins can thrive and maintain their health and also well-being. The facility has been specifically designed to meet the particular health requirements of these animals.

New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream
New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream

Lighting And Flooring At The New Penguin Facility

The illumination at Polk Penguin Conservation Center offers a wide range of wavelengths. It also provides improved night-time illumination and more UV light in red wavelength spectrums. The intensity potential of lighting at this center has been dramatically increased. The researchers can also adjust it for mimicking seasonal variations.

Now come to the flooring of the facility. Its design is perfect for preventing the growth of bumblefoot lesions and also enhancing foot health. There are places where the floors have the coating of resinous material for providing proper cushioning. In other areas, the flooring features rocky textures like the ones found in Antarctica.

The Swimming Pool At The New Penguin Facility

There is a vast swimming pool for the penguins at the Polk Penguin Conservation Center. There is also a small swim channel allowing the penguins to roam about their entire habitat. In a way, this is suitable for increasing their levels of activities. Besides, it can provide them with the opportunity for dividing behaviors and natural porpoising. This will further help them in avoiding weight gain.

Water Filtration Mechanism, Air Quality And Nesting Areas At Polk Penguin Conservation Center

The center’s water filtration mechanism is state-of-art. It also includes improved filtration techniques and ozonation potential. Air quality has become better through the provision of air filtering and also air-exchange facilities. Nesting regions at the center have been designed to be neat and tidy. They make way for improved chick-rearing.

The facility even features some extra spaces for holding animals that require special attention when they are sick. These places are also suitable for holding penguins that require isolation temporarily. There are stainless steel and fold-down examination tables arranged for veterinary procedures and examinations.

New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream
New Penguin Facility Is A Veterinarian’s Dream

Success Ratio Of The New Facility For Penguins

Over the years, the Polk Penguin Conservation Center has been successful in providing loving care and also treated to a large number of special penguins with specific health problems. The center has helped chicks in getting off with a good start. It also reduced bumble foot incidences. Moreover, it restored proper vision to geriatric penguins suffering from cataracts.

Professionals and also veterinarians at this center are working on other measures. These are useful for safeguarding the health of penguins. They continuously work towards preventing problems from getting worse by merely designing careful diets for penguins. Besides, they are providing disease surveillance, care, and vaccination. Thus, the center is a big step forward towards providing excellent care to penguins.

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