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Magic School Bus Tips

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Magic School Bus is an award-winning production by The Learning Channel. The five-part program, titled the Animal Empires, revolves around the lives of four different types of school buses. This enlightening program gives children and parents a little insight as to what happens inside the buses on a daily basis.

The four different animals are a cat, a dog, a rabbit, and a squirrel. Each has their own special needs that must be met in order for them to survive. The show takes place inside a large warehouse-type building. The building itself has several cubicle rooms. Inside these rooms are multiple cages where the animals are kept.

Multiple Small Animals

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In each case there are multiple small animals. The animals are locked in tight, confined spaces without any freedom of movement. The one purpose of these cages is to prevent escapes from the animal. The director of the show, Kevin Dunn, says he wanted to create an experience that kids will remember. The result is an eight hour long show that includes the rescue of animals and a plethora of educational moments.

Some of the activities included on the Magic School Bus DVD include a trip inside a real school bus with the students taking turns driving and sitting in the seatbelts. The students are then required to muck out the tank so the teacher can inspect it for any problems. The next activity requires the students to perform a magic trick which is judged by an unseen examiner. The students must then explain how the magic works using the classroom board games questions. The show ends with a dramatic rescue of a dying squirrel. The entire episode is followed by an educational montage of various classroom discussions.

A Halloween Theme

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The four animals make for a great theme for a Halloween theme. Other activities that could follow this theme include a lioness pageant, a jungle adventure, and a trip to the zoo. The four animals are perfect for any holiday or special occasion, because they are all visually appealing. They are also very educational for children as they are played with, explained, and demonstrated using a variety of teaching methods.

The lioness pageant is held on a soundstage with several large screens for the contestants to appear on. The four contestants are made up from four little girls who were brought to the event by their mother. Each girl is asked to wear a different colored ribbon. Her costume is decorated with pearls and other gems and sequins. Then all of the girls have to perform four minutes of magic that consists of walking around a large room while telling a number of entertaining fairy tales to each judge.

The Jungle Adventure

The jungle adventure follows two pairs of hunters who get lost in the forest. The animals they encounter consist of a leopard and a lion. The show uses a lot of acrobatic stunts and funny one liners. The boys will pull tree branches, climb them, jump over logs, and run through a tunnel. The girls will dress up as gorillas and lions and hide behind bushes and rocks.

Finally, there is the magic of the nine-car stretch limo that follows a little girl who is going to be a passenger on the magic train. She must maneuver the car through a maze, go up and down the stairs, and do a polo. She must also avoid obstacles and go through nine rooms filled with treasure chests, slides, and levers. The girl finally reaches the end of the train and hopefully wins the championship.

Check On The Internet For Ideas

There are probably more great ideas for this kind of magic that you can think of. If you are interested in making your own magic school bus, there are kits available that allow you to create your own. You can also check on the Internet for ideas on how to make your own special one-of-a-kind magic school bus.

The school district does not supply any buses to rent. It is up to you to contact the bus rental company and find out what they require in order to rent a bus. They usually only require a driver, some clean windows, a set of mirrors, and a magic wand. These things can be bought at bookstores or on eBay.

Final Words

It is fun to know that magic is more than just an interest of children. Magic makes people feel good. You can have that same positive feeling when using a magic bus. You can also share that same good feeling with your children. It may be the start of a beautiful relationship between you and your children. You might just discover that magic is your love language.

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