Land Animal Habitats- Extensive Knowledge -

Land Animal Habitats- Extensive Knowledge

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All animals need a proper place to live and are born into specific habitats. We have to get food and protection from creditors, and it is the survival of the fittest that matters. Today we will be discussing the animals who are born on land and the habitats of the same. They can be prevalent in the warm and moist areas of the equator and the Amazonian rainforest. The animals and plants have specific habitats, and it will help them to survive over there. Now it’s time for you to know about some of them so that you can read about the extensive details. 

Brief Overview

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You should be able to know that most of the habitats are destroyed by human activity. For example, in North America, most of the grasslands have been turned into farmland. It is high time that we started knowing about the various habitats to stop destroying them once and for all. 


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The tropical rainforest has one of the most diverse flora and fauna, and you can find it across entire South America. The tropical rainforest is sweltering and wet, and it is ideal for plants that increase all year round. It is also good food storage for a massive variety of animals, but humans are responsible for destroying rainforests every year. You can get numerous animals like giant otters, jaguars, and howler monkeys in this habitat. 


This is a treeless landscape that covers 20% of the earth’s surface. Most of it is around the Arctic Circle, but you can also find some parts around Antarctica and the high mountains. This portion is cold and dry, and you can find snow-covered ground for almost nine months of the year. Conditions are very harsh, which is why very few animals can live in this situation.

Temperate Grasslands

This is an area that is very dry and grassy. It is scorching in summer and extremely cold in winter. You will be able to find animals like antelope and bison which graze in this place. Apart from that, you can also find lions because they want to stay in dry places. 

Deciduous Forest

Deciduous trees have joint flowering plants, and it incorporates the categories like oak and maple. It has broad leaves, and the rounded shape comes out with branches that grow. You will find a diverse range of flora and fauna, and bears do prevail in these regions. 


The African Savannah is an open landscape that you can find in tropical Africa and has a season of heavy rainfall. There are a considerable number of migratory birds and animals, and you can find cheetahs and lions over here. 


Every kind of animal has its own separate habitat, and we humans need to stop destroying them. Otherwise, there will be a time when only humans will be left and earth with nobody else to take care of the ecological balance. 

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