Know About The Air Pollution In India

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When various harmful stuff gets mixed with our environment and makes it poisonous. Then it’s called pollution. The harmful pieces of stuff are named pollutants. There are four kinds of pollution – soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution.

What Is Air Pollution And What Are The Most Responsible Pollutants For This?

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As per the survey of the World Health Organisation, about 7 million people die every year because of air pollution. Now the question is, what is air pollution? When the poisonous particles, named pollutants, enter into the air and make the air toxic. Then it is called ‘air pollution.’ The particles can be in both forms of solid and gas. Even liquid droplets are also accountable for air pollution. There are some specific pollutants that are mostly responsible for air pollution. Carbon-di-oxide or CO2 which produces greenhouse gas and it’s said to be the leading particles for air pollution. We all know that CO2 is absorbed by the trees and is left by human beings. So that it is harmful to a human being to take the air mixed with excessive CO2. Sulfur Oxide consists of SO2, which is found from the emitted gas of volcanoes. And it also originated from coal, petroleum, etc. If the Sulphur Oxide becomes excessive, then acid rain can happen. Carbon Monoxide is one of the toxic gases produced from fuel. Nitrogen Oxide is also a dangerous particle. It’s generated from increased temperature. From the electrical accident or thunderstorm etc. Can be the origin

of this. Ammonia is a common particle that is also responsible for air pollution.

Health Issues – Created By Air Pollution

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In 2014, the World Health Organization had revealed that air pollution is the cause of about Seven million people in this world. But in 2019, the number has been increased to 8.8 million. There are many diseases which are caused by air pollution. One of the major problems is lung cancer. The polluted air impacts the lungs badly. Next is cardiovascular disease. It tends people towards stroke. Apart from that, respiratory up-down, allergic reaction, etc are happening due to air pollution.


Any kind of pollution can be harmful to our environment. Pollution can damage the

ecological balance. And it can also summon various natural disasters which we have already got to see. The Indian government may try their best to take proper steps to control the pollution as much as they can. However, it’s the prime duty of every human being to save our earth from pollution. Whatever the pollution is, whether it is air pollution or noise pollution. We all have to think about it.

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