Kids Will Love To Know These Cool Facts About These Animal Habitats Activities

A bird standing next to a body of water

Our world is full of animals and plants. The more you know about them, the more you are likely to fall in love with them. Kids, as well as older generations, look for animal habitats activities in books and through the internet. We have collected some interesting facts. You need to read more to know about them.


A dog that is standing in the snow

In the world, there are over 400 million dogs. The majority of them are street dogs but yes, they have an incredible presence in every part of the world. Dogs are very loyal, useful, emotionally attached, jealous animals. We use them for farm work, security, playing partner, and other ways. Labrador, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Greyhound, Great Dane, St. Bernard, Chihuahua, etc are some of the high in demand dogs. 

Historical evidence suggests that humans first domesticated dogs around 15000 years ago. Dogs do not have any strange animal habitats activities, that is why dogs are the most domesticated animal in the world. People call them “men’s best friends”.


A cat sitting on top of a tiger

Tiger can become 11 feet long and more than 300 kilograms of weight. They belong to the cat family so the cat roaming in your home and tiger staying in the wild are having many similarities. Do not underestimate the swimming capability of the tiger. They can swim six kilometers at a stretch. 

The most interesting animal habitats activities about the tiger are their hunting style and time. Tiger can run at 65km/h speed behind the prey. They usually hunt in the high and have a strong night vision. You can hear the tiger roar from more than two miles away. Hiss, growl, chuff, and moan are some other activities of a tiger.


Elephants are the world’s largest mammals living on land. There are 100,000 muscles and no bones in the elephant’s trunk. . A full-grown elephant’s trunk can weigh about 140 kilograms and measure up to 2 meters.

Elephants can drink more than 200 liters of water every day. Most of the time, an elephant is busy with daily routine uprooting twigs, leaves, and roots for their nourishment. Elephants are the most intelligent mammals. Experts rank them after humans, gorillas, chimpanzees.


Camels are called a desert animal and it can survive up to six months without water and food. Camels can live up to 40 to 50 years. Camels are useful for milk, wool, and meat, and transportation. Within 13 minutes, camels can drink 113 liters of water. That makes it one of the fastest mammals to re-hydrate.


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