Importance Of Forest That You Must Know

Importance Of Forest That You Must Know

All the organisms are dependent on each other for food and shelter directly or indirectly. Forest is the home to various kinds of living organisms. They provide us fresh air and maintain the climatic conditions of the region. However, humans are destroying these precious resources for their daily needs. It can lead to increased pollution and diseases. Therefore, it is essential to conserve woods. In this article, we describe the importance of forest that you must know. Hence, you must read this article very attentively until the last.

Importance Of Forest That You Must Know
Importance Of Forest That You Must Know

Supports Ecosystems And Habitats

Millions of animals and plants live in the woods. Researches show that forest supports 90 percent of world species. In the woods, you can find various animals like snakes, insects, butterflies, birds, etc. The rivers in these regions are home to turtles, crocodiles, etc. These animals are dependent for food on each other. Therefore, the forest helps to create an ecosystem.

Purifies The Air

The plants in the forests help in the purification of air present in the atmosphere. It is because plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. It results in the generation of fresh air. Moreover, it reduces the amount of greenhouses gases present in the atmosphere. Therefore, it also helps to fix global warming.

Stabilize Climate: Importance Of Forest

The region having forest is comparatively more cooling than the rest ones. It is because forests absorb the heat from the sun. Moreover, it promotes rainfall and enhances the water cycle. Hence, we can say that woods act as natural air coolers. They also stabilize the temperature by reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Regulates The Water Cycle: Importance Of Forest

The forests and trees are responsible for regulating the natural water cycle. The condensation of evaporated water helps to form clouds. It is then coming back in the form of rain. Moreover, they help to redistribute the water evenly in the geographical region. They also act as filters by passing the clean water to the ground.

Importance Of Forest That You Must Know
Importance Of Forest That You Must Know

Enrich Soil

The soil found in the forests is highly fertile. It is because the shredded leaves will act as natural compost. These trees also break it into tinier particles. Thus, it encourages the water infiltration into the ground. They also minimize soil erosion and maintain fertility.

Medicinal Value

Scientists are using forests for various medicinal researches. The drugs used in multiple treatments comprise of plants and animal parts. The forest contains some plants which can help to cure different diseases.

Protects Watershed Areas: Importance Of Forest

Most of the water bodies come from the regions having the forest. They help to protect these streams from the pollution and sun’s UV rays. Therefore, it supports various aquatic animals, including turtles.

Economic Significance

Forest also helps the region to grow economically. The people obtained various raw materials from forests like wood and timber. It also attracts tourists in the country. Therefore, it also helps the country to increase its tourism revenue. Various veggies grow in the forest, including edible mushrooms.

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