Green Mountain Boxwood- Everything You Should Know

green mountain boxwood

A growing concern with today’s world is global warming and the destruction of our world’s remaining forests. One way to help alleviate the problem of global warming is to use trees from the land, however, using only green mountain boxwood can result in the perfect medium for your home.

Green mountain boxwood is a hardwood tree that is native to Europe and northern Asia. When properly cared for, it can last over a hundred years. Even when young, this wood provides a classic look.

Green Mountain Boxwood Essentials

“Southern European” wood is prized for its strength and dense texture. Its lustrous color makes it perfect for use in bedroom furniture. Once you start your project, there will be no going back.

Green Mountain Boxwood- Everything You Should Know
Green Mountain Boxwood- Everything You Should Know

You can find many fine uses for this wood in your home, like cabinetry, bookcases, dressers, vanity units, and more. These shelves and cabinets are also perfect for your master bathroom or kitchen. Many times, these woods are used as architectural accents in homes. The highest quality boxwood contains about thirty percent resin.

Residential Applications Feature

You can find pine woods in soft, medium, and hard grades. Most residential applications feature hard grade lumber. In contrast, hard grade lumber weighs between fifteen and twenty pounds per foot.

If you are looking for long-lasting, beautiful wood, then choosing to purchase your mountain boxwood is a great idea. Though most of us view these woods as just a beautiful piece of furniture, there are many uses for this wood that you might not have considered.

A decorative application can create an antique look in your home. By providing a variety of accent pieces, you can find a great number of finishes that can go with every decor you have. Since this type of wood is naturally distressed, there is nothing to hide the imperfections. You will notice a difference immediately.

Natural Beauty Of Woods

The natural beauty of this wood makes it a wonderful choice for floors, tables, countertops, and other items that require an easy-care and beautiful finish. They are just as perfect for staining as they are for the actual painting. Because of their high density, you can easily paint or stain them.

Green Mountain Boxwood- Everything You Should Know
Green Mountain Boxwood- Everything You Should Know

Another unique characteristic of this wood is its ability to grow very fast. It can grow quickly to be several feet tall. Because of its density, green mountain boxwood has a strong, durable appearance. This wood also has a glossy, clean finish that will withstand damage like spills and scratches.

Green mountain boxwood is perfect for maintaining, saving, and resealing. You can even stain it yourself. With all of these qualities, you can ensure that your cabinets, furniture, or other items will look like new for many years to come.


There is a wide range of woods and grades to choose from for your home, from Red Oak to White Oak to Hickory. Each has its own characteristics and advantages. However, if you are searching for the beauty of naturally sustainable hardwood, then this is a perfect choice.

The variety of choices will provide you with several options to match your taste, your lifestyle, and your budget. This diversity will allow you to find just the right piece of wood to furnish your home.

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