Green Conservation: Rather A Forest Than A Tree

Forest conservation is the act of preservation and protecting forests. It is the opposite of deforestation, where we cut down trees. In forest conservation, we take steps to grow more trees. This also includes preventing environmental pollution. Only if we use our natural resources wisely and take steps to preserve them, can we expect a healthier planet in the coming years. Forest conservation is the key to the better survival of our future generations. If we are conscious today, we can leave a better earth to our children, to the future.

Forest Sector In A Green Economy
Green Conservation: Rather A Forest Than A Tree

Importance Of Forest Conservation

Forests are very essential for our existence. Trees release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Humans and animals need to inhale oxygen and to exhale carbon dioxide in order to live. The increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere today has led to global warming. When we grow more trees, we are promoting plant photosynthesis, thereby getting more oxygen into our atmosphere. Trees not only clear contaminated air, they also prevent soil erosion with their roots. They stop the top layer of the soil from loosening. Soil erosion leads to destruction of animal habitats, contamination of water bodies, and large-scale crop destruction. Forests play an important role in the water cycle and help create rain. Also, forests are the natural habitats of millions of birds, animals and insect species that are critical to the survival of the human specie. In short, without forests, our existence is doomed.

Green Conservation: Rather A Forest Than A Tree

Ways To Promote Forest Conservation

Controlled Deforestation

This refers to the practice of cutting only a small number of trees every year. However, for the number of trees cut, a similar number of trees must be grown in barren lands. Only mature and rotten trees are cut and steps are taken to prevent the cutting of young and immature trees.

Protection Against Forest Fires

Forest fires cause the destruction of a large number of animals, birds, and forests. Precautions must be taken to prevent forest fires that start due to natural causes. Furthermore, the government should take steps to create fire lanes and to widely distribute chemicals that can control forest fires.

Less Property Sales

Forests are cut when more land is required for houses, buildings, complexes, roads, and the like. The government of every state should protect a fixed area to forestation. They should also prevent allotment of land to people who already own many properties. We know that, when demand for land decreases, deforestation will lessen.

Forest Protection

Sometimes, forests die due to natural causes such as the spread of parasites, drought, forest fires, and the like. The government of every state should take steps to preserve forests and the wildlife therein. Chemicals should also be used to prevent the rotting of trees. Irrigation during droughts and selective cutting of trees can help ensure the healthy growth of forests.

Children’s Education

The children in schools should be taught the importance of forest conservation right from a young age. They will then discourage those deforestation practices as they grow up.

Forest Conservation
Green Conservation: Rather A Forest Than A Tree

Forest Conservation Department

There is a forest conservation department in every state. Indeed, these departments are in charge of the protection, preservation, growing and cutting of selective trees. Moreover, these departments should be more strict with the rules and regulations and prevent the unnecessary cutting down of trees.

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