Go Green Save Life: 7 Tips To Follow At School

Go Green Save Life: 7 Tips To Follow At School

Saving the mother Earth and its environment from negative impacts is every individual’s responsibility and students are of no exception. Just like adults, students of every age group should find ways that can help them lead an eco-friendly life. Well, going green doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, following the environmental-friendly lifestyle can save you tons of money. Students can follow these ‘go green save life’ tips to help the planet:

Go To School On Bike

Instead of asking your parents to drop you to school in the car, make a practice of going on your bike. Ask your friends and neighbors to follow the same practice. Biking to school will save money on gasoline while saving the precious environment.

Go Green Save Life: 7 Tips To Follow At School
Go Green Save Life: 7 Tips To Follow At School

Practice Recycle & Reuse

Students should always strive to use things that can be reused instead of using disposable items. They can use reusable water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. to avoid a lot of accumulated junk. Also, kids should use cloth bags for grocery shopping. They should also avoid plastics at home. Further, students should start ‘go green save life’ club where every member should strive to recycle and reuse items like clothes, paper, magazines, catalogs, etc.

Save Water

Fix any leaks in the school as well as home to save water. You can use the left-over water in your water bottle to water a plant. At home, limit the time of your shower intake or just use a small bucket for a bath. Further, ask your mother to wash the vegetables and fruits in a tub filled with water. Use this water afterward for gardening purposes. Also, limit the use of dishwasher and washing machine at home.  

Unplug Your Electronics

Limit the use of laptops and mobile phones. Also, make sure to unplug your devices once they are fully charged. Switch off your chargers and unplug them during bedtime.

Eat Right

It is rightly said that people who love animals can’t eat them. So, if you love animals and want to protect them, it is essential to ditch meat. Try to look for other good protein alternatives like tofu, broccoli, soybean, etc. Also, inspire others to go vegan to save the dear animals.

Use Less Paper

Although it’s practically difficult to go entirely paperless, students can try to use less paper. Make use of your digital devices to take notes electronically. However, this too should be carried out wisely otherwise you would end up using large amounts of electrical energy.

Go Green Save Life: 7 Tips To Follow At School
Go Green Save Life: 7 Tips To Follow At School

Save Energy

Save energy in the classrooms by asking your school authority to replace the lighting with energy-efficient CFLs. You can also use LED bulbs to save energy. If your classroom has air-conditioners, limit its usage. Also, switch off the lights, fans, and AC whenever you leave the classroom. Follow these tips at home as well to save your parent’s hard-earned money on electricity bills. You also need to make sure your study room has the right lighting. Don’t forget to use the thermostat to slow down the electrical devices and subsequently save energy.

Follow these ‘go green save life’ tips and the environment is sure to thank you for this!

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