Environmental Impacts Of Tourism You Should Know (Yes, There Are Some Positive Sides Too!)


An environmental impact is any kind of change that the environment undergoes. Diverse changes are happening in our environment and they can be both positive and negative. They result from the addition of various substances like coal combustion, photovoltaic manufacturing, fuel cycle operations, and many more. Moreover, in the past few years, the cause of environmental impacts drifted from the grounds mentioned above to something new. That’s the ecological impact of tourism, which has gained increasing attention lately.

Positive Environmental Impacts Of Tourism

A hand holding a blue umbrella

Speaking about the environmental impacts of tourism, many people tend to think about its negative sides only. However, the fact is that there are also positive environmental impacts from tourism (but still very few ones).

Raised Awareness

Tourism contributes to raised awareness in many tourist destination areas. The presence of tourists in a given area helps educate people, thus, raising awareness. Destinations such as The Gambian and Costa Rica are perfect examples of how tourism has helped promote environmentally-friendly activities and resources.

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