Eliminate The Causes Of Air Pollution With Simple Lifestyle Choices

causes of air pollution

Eliminate The Causes Of Air Pollution With Simple Lifestyle Choices

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Remember reading about the causes of air pollution? We have all had it in our school textbooks. But, how many among us actually remember them and have been doing something to make a difference? Don’t feel guilty if you forgot all about it. Pretty much no one remembers those lessons anyway! But, with the air quality index reaching danger level across the world, along with global-warming and climate change issues plaguing the only planet we have to live as of now, if we don’t get careful right away, we are going to perish as a species! The earth has been through a lot and is capable enough to heal itself. Mankind, however, might not be that lucky!

How To Control And Eliminate Causes Of Air Pollution?

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Believe it or not, we, as individuals, are as much capable of curbing the causes of air pollution as the major factories and corporations. Here are few easy and simple lifestyle hacks that can make our planet much cleaner and healthier.

Cycling is a wonderful activity and helps you keep fit. But, do you know what else it keeps fit? Our planet! Adopting the habit of cycling will not just allow you to save cost on fuel, but will also make you and the planet healthier. You will reduce your carbon footprint drastically!

Car-pooling is a great way to cut down your daily travel expenses. Also, it will allow you to save fuel consumption by increasing transport efficiency. Not to mention, in countries notorious for traffic congestion, this will reduce the total traffic at any time in the day and will save time as well.

The reason I am still stuck with transport is because it is among the leading causes of air pollution. And, if you just have to have your own transport facility, consider getting yourself an electric option. There are many automotive companies coming out with electric variants and they are not as impractical as they used to be. You need not get yourself a Tesla though! There are cheaper models from much more affordable manufacturers available to choose from. And, then there is a whole range of electric powered two-wheelers as well!

The dancing flames in the fireplace look enchanting for sure. But, it also causes quite enough air pollution. The soot and the smoke from the chimney causes air pollution both outside and indoors. Indoor air-pollution is something we often ignore, but has much greater impact on our health. So, howsoever romantic it might look, ditch that fireplace and get yourself an electric heater or some alternate means of getting your home heated.

Controlling Causes Of Air Pollution Is Within Our Grasp

You need not do much to control the causes of air pollution. They can be managed with relative ease if you are a little more careful. Make these few changes in your lifestyle and watch the difference.

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