Effects Of Water Pollution That Cause Infections In Human Beings

According to renounced British Poet W.H. Auden “Thousands have lived without Love, not one without Water”; the line makes explains the importance of water in our lives. Water Pollution generally refers to the impurity of water by different pollutants which are mainly created by humans. When impurities come in contact with water bodies it results in Water Pollution. Water bodies are of different types like lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, groundwater, etc. When contaminated water is released into other natural water bodies it directly affects the aquatic ecosystem. The effects of water pollution can lead to serious health hazards as well.

How Do The Effects Of Water Pollution Spread

Polluted water is often used for drinking, irrigation, other household activities, etc. Water Pollution can cause death and other water-borne diseases. It has mainly two types- Surface Water Pollution and Marine Water Pollution. Mainly the city sewage and industrial sewage cause this pollution.

Water pollution spreads due to contaminated water coming in contact with water supply, or with soil and atmosphere. If contamination takes place in the soil it affects agriculture resulting in the damage of crops. Water Pollution can also take place due to improper disposal of harmful waster in water bodies. Water Pollution has various side effects. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the Side effects of Water Pollution in Human Health.

Effects Of Water Pollution That Cause Infections In Human Beings
Effects Of Water Pollution That Cause Infections In Human Beings

Traveler’s Diarrhea- Side Effects Of Water Pollution

The most common side effect of water pollution is the traveler’s diarrhea. People face stomach and abdominal pain along with loose motion; though diarrhea is not life-threatening it makes people uncomfortable and unpleasant. People who drink or come in contact with contaminated water suffer from this diarrhea. If young children suffer from diarrhea or loose motion, they can catch the fever, blood stool, vomiting, and unresponsiveness.

Cholera- Side Effects Of Water Pollution

Cholera spreads due to polluted water. This is a bacteria that is not only heath hazardous but also life-threatening. According to various sources more than 95000 deaths take place due to cholera every year. The main symptoms of cholera are vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.

E. Coli- Bacterial Disease

E. Coli is a bacterial disease that affects the intestines of a human body. Coming into contact with contaminated water results in E. Coli There are different symptoms in different cases like bloody stool, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Not only humans but E. coli affects animals also.

Effects Of Water Pollution That Cause Infections In Human Beings
Effects Of Water Pollution That Cause Infections In Human Beings

Salmonella- Bacterial Disease

It is also a bacteria that causes infection among people if they use contaminated water to prepare food. The main symptoms are fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and sometimes loss of appetite. If anyone is suffering from such an infection then it stays for a minimum of 4days in children and 7 days for adults.

Water pollution is the result of various human activities. Not only humans but nature is also affected due to such pollution. Water pollution also leads to severe diseases and deaths worldwide

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