Eco Friendly Stationery Products for the safe future

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Since we are all living in the 21st Century, terms like “pollution,” “industrialisation” and global warming are nothing new to anyone. We all know how fast the world is changing and proving to be even more of a burden for Mother Earth. The snow caps are melting at an insane rate and the ozone layer is depleting day by day. With such a growing pace of pollution in the world, it sure is the duty of every single citizen to be as responsible as possible and go green. So here we are, to clear all your grounds of doubt as to what should be done to go more eco friendly when it comes to stationery. Hope you enjoy this list and try to implement all this in your everyday life.

Eco Friendly Pencils

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Pencils are easily the most common stationery product that we use in our day-to-day lives. Absolutely the most useful tool to write with, the entire set of stationery would indeed be incomplete if it was not for a pencil. However, it is a known fact that pencils are made up of wood, and countless trees get cut every single day to fend for our needs. This is truly harmful to the nature and we should do our best to stop the use of wooden pencils. As an alternative, use these eco friendly pencils that contain basil seeds in their lead, which can be used to grow plans after their use is done.

Recycled Notebooks And Paper

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Once our academic year is over, we tend to forget about the leftover pages from our older notebooks and jump at the chance of buying new ones. However what we fail to realise amidst all this excitement is that we are unnecessarily wasting paper which then ends up in the overgrowing mountain of trash. Instead of buying new notebooks for the next terms, we can always resort to continuing in the same notebook- bet the teacher will not be annoyed for being a little environment friendly! This is an excellent alternative to going green and also pretty accessible.

Natural Grass Pens

A lot of plastic is used to this day to manufacture commonly used pens. Such pens are usually of the “use and throw” kind which makes it harder for us to recycle. But no worries when we have found this brilliant alternative for you. This eco friendly grass pen we are talking about right now is made up of natural meadow grass and BPA-free recycled plastic. And if this was not enough, all these products are made in an entirely environment friendly factory that makes use of biogas and waste to generate power. Eco friendly at its finest.


In this article, we have covered some major points about how our daily activities are causing damage to planet Earth and provided a lot of much more healthier, safer and eco friendly alternatives to them. What’s the best part is, all these options are relatively cheaper and will easily fit in your budget, so cost is not a problem. Taking a greener and more pollution-free step must be the utmost responsibility of everyone and we hope that you all pay heed to whatever we have stated in this list. Go green.

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