Eco-friendly Pest Control Products you can Try

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Many people feel a deep-sense of regret and guilt when they use chemicals or pesticides that kill pests. They believe that pests too are God’s creations and should not be killed. But now, by using certain eco-friendly pest control products, it is easy to repel pests naturally.

The strong natural remedy – Vinegar

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Vinegar is a powerful natural ingredient which helps to kill pests in an effective way and also deter others from using a particular shelter tube. It can be used in its pure form or in a diluted form with equal parts of water and vinegar. Repeated applications of vinegar solution helps in preventing pest infestations and also in stopping those which are in their early stages. 

Citrusy Orange oil

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Pests cannot stand the strong smell of an orange. Orange oil is extracted from orange peel and is used as a pest control agent. It is very affordable and efficient in getting rid of pests. This mixture can be diluted with water and sprayed on the pest infested area. 

The medicinal plant – Aloe Vera

Not only used for its medicinal properties, aloe vera is highly popular as a home remedy for getting rid of pests. This plant is very common and found almost everywhere. A mixture of its gel with water, when applied to the infested area, kills the pests instantly. 

Refreshening Clove Oil

The strong fragrance of the clove oil also repels the pests and kills them instantly. A mixture of clove oil and water when sprinkled on the affected area, kills the pests instantly. Vetiver oil can also be used as an efficient and organic method of repelling pests naturally and for a long time.

Powerful Neem Oil

Though neem oil works slowly, its results are long lasting and it’s a completely safe and nontoxic way of repelling pests. It acts as a growth regulator which prevents the eating and reproduction of the pests. They eventually die on coming in contact with neem oil. Generous amounts applied using a cotton ball on the infested areas will give desired results.

Your very own Table Salt

Table salt also known as sodium chloride is the easiest and quickest way of getting rid of the nasty pests. Simply sprinkle some salt on the infested area or spray some salty water on the infested area for desired results. Similarly, granulated salt can also be sprinkled around the pest nests to kill them and prevent them from further entering. 

Diatomaceous Earth

A powerful pest repeller, this has been used since decades for the keeping pests away. Spreading a generous amount of diatomaceous earth on the infested areas will scrape off the outer shells of the pests which leads them to dry and die eventually. This can also be spread along the earth foundation to prevent the infestation. It is recommended to wear a mask while handling this strong Diatomaceous earth. 

Use some Petroleum Jelly

On applying a coat of this jelly on the furniture and placing that furniture under the sun, pests will leave the wood immediately. This is a safe and reliable way of preventing the pests from destroying pieces of furniture and other wood work in the house or office. 

So try these remedies and repel pests naturally.

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