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Different Types Of Pollution And Their Causes

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There can be several causes of pollution depending upon the types of pollutants that exist for instance Air Pollution mainly includes Emissions from combustion sources like gas burning, fuel burning, petrol, diesel, etc. Water Pollution mainly includes runoff from landfills and also involves the contamination of water bodies. Soil Pollution mainly includes the deposition of waste materials from human activities like manufacturing factories, waste disposal, and construction activities. Noise Pollution mainly includes noise created by vehicles, machines, and other sources like on roads, at subways, airports, and shopping malls. Other types of pollutants are electromagnetic radiation, light pollution and radioactive radiation.

Air Pollution

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This article will provide you with some of the main types of pollutants that occur due to human activity and some of the possible ways to decrease their effects on human health. Air Pollution is one of the most common types of Pollution and occurs mostly in cities. It is caused due to several reasons such as emission of various airborne contaminants, creation of airborne dust, etc. It affects the physical as well as mental health of individuals. Emission of pollutants like smoke and carbon monoxide can lead to several problems such as Lung Cancer, respiratory tract infection, stroke, nervous disorder, and other disorders.

In order to reduce the harmful fumes produced by different types of Industrial Processes, there are many chemicals that have been designed to purify the atmosphere. But the result of these chemicals are not always desired, as they are capable of causing a wide range of detrimental effects on humans and their health. Air pollution is a major problem worldwide and it can cause grave health problems to those living nearby.

Food Chain Pollution

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Food Chain Pollution is another type of pollution and it is commonly caused when large industries dumping a large amount of toxic wastes into the environment. These wastes are considered to be the main cause for contamination of the air, soil and water bodies. The chemicals that are released into the soil and the water bodies when Industrial Pollution happens pollute the food chain. This results in overcrowding of different types of organism within the ecosystem. This can disrupt the food chain and leads to disastrous effects on human health.

Light Pollution

Light Pollution is caused by many sources like from burning of fossil fuels, production of lighting bulbs, operation of camera and television sets, laser light pollution and so on. This type of pollution can reduce the beauty of the environment and so it is necessary to control it in the best possible way. The major causes for this problem include the use of artificial lights, bulbs, power produced through nuclear fission and fluorescent light.

Summing Up 

There are certain types of wastes that are considered to be Emission Causes by the industries and power plants as they contribute to global warming. These are Dioxins, Phosphates, Chlorofluorocarbons (PCBs), Toxins and Sarcosols. According to scientists, there is yet to be any direct Emission Cause of the Global Warming but the increase in atmospheric concentration of these gases is noted. The best solution to fight against global warming is to reduce the use of all non-natural resources, cut down on the usage of toxicities and pesticides and respect the rights of Mother Nature.

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