Causes Of Pollution – How To Protect Yourself From It All Now

causes of pollution

If you start looking at the reports, every simple information will spark your attention in the hope of changing society’s daily damage and the impact it is having on our environment. There are different types of pollution. Some of them are visible, while others remain invisible, which contributes largely to events like global warming.

Impurities In Air – Causes Of Pollution

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Among all the other pollution, air pollution has emerged to be more threatening to human lives. It acts as a slow poison that causes deadly diseases like cancer. So the causes of pollution are important to understand. One common cause is the massive extent of dust particles from the forest fire and dust storm that enter the atmosphere. Also, the emission of SO2 and NO2 gases from the motor vehicle enter the air and cause pollution. Various industries also contribute to air pollution as there is a large emission of SO2 and SO3 gas from oil refineries and the steel production industry that enter into the air. Moreover, the thermal power station contributes to air pollution as a large amount of CO2 is emitted.

Impact On Water

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Water pollution is also a growing problem in the world that affects everyone. The major causes of pollution include industrial plants. They are the point source of this pollution. These plants discharge their by-products that pass through the industrial pipes and get dumper directly into the water bodies. These affect the marine life environment to a large extent and are huge causes of pollution. Oil spill from ships and boats in the ocean is also a major contributor to water pollution. There are also high chances of contamination of heavy metals content like lead and mercury to the water bodies that affect the marine animals. Each year thousands of marine animals fell victim to lead poisoning. This is also one of the massive reasons for the high rate of mortality rate of fishes.

Other Causes Of Pollution

There are also other causes of pollution that is caused by household sources and social events. This is known as noise pollution. Oil drills and other ocean vessels can cause excessive noise that hurts marine life and are huge causes of pollution. Noise pollution can also be caused by high-intensity sounds from gadgets and utensils in the household. Instruments like loudspeakers and other musical tools also contribute greatly to this pollution.

There are several causes of pollution that affect the soil. The major trigger of this pollution is construction sites. Almost every other chemical substance used at these sites can have a major impact on the soil in those urban areas. Some of the agricultural activities that involve the use of pesticides and fertilizers also cause this pollution.


Today, pollution is increasing at a steady rate, and it is significant to know the causes and act accordingly to change for the betterment of the environment. If you are looking at the causes of pollution, you can understand that pollution is something human behavior can stop. If we are being a little responsible, it is possible to get rid of pollution.

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