Causes Of Air Pollution- Causes Behind The Concern Regarding Nature

Air Pollution means the existence or presence of harmful and, poisonous substances in the environment that is harmful to humans and for the entire planet. There are numerous causes of air pollution. It rises when an excess of harmful substances are produced in the earth’s atmosphere, causing it serious and hazardous damages. Dangerous gasses like ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbon, etc. compose pollution in the air. It also comprises of atmospheric particles than can be either organic or inorganic and, biomolecules.

Consequences Of Air Pollution

Air pollution can lead to various hazards for humans like allergies, cancer, asthma, other health issues, and death. It also affects other living organisms by affecting nature and destroying the atmosphere. Air Pollution is a result of both human and natural processes. Excess or misuse of nature for our comfort and evolution results in air pollution. Air Pollution leads to serious health hazards like respiratory infection, lung cancer, stroke, etc.

Air pollution directly affects the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system of human beings. There are two types of air pollutions – indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution. It is stated that outdoor air pollution causes nearly 2 million deaths in one year. There are various factors behind the causes of air pollution. In this article, we’re going to discuss a few of them.

Causes Of Air Pollution- Causes Behind The Concern Regarding Nature
Causes Of Air Pollution- Causes Behind The Concern Regarding Nature

Ignition From Industries- Causes Of Air Pollution

The most common form of air pollution comes from industries. Mainly industrial air pollution is formed from the combustion of fossil fuels. So, it results in the formation of excess nitrogen oxide causing ozone layer depletion.

Wildfires- Causes Of Air Pollution

Due to climate change, it often results in wildfires. So the wildfires produce chemical gas that results in smog and makes the air hazy and heavy to breathe.

Transport- Causes Of Air Pollution

One cannot deny the fact that vehicles or transport increases air pollution. And the results are most visible in big cities. According to sources, the pollutants produced by vehicles are as hazardous as smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day. Vehicles produce harmful gasses like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, etc. Because these gases are highly effective, they cause the ozone hole.

Heating Homes

To keep the house warm, one uses fossil fuels like gas, oil, coal, etc. Burning anything produces pollutants which result in air pollution. In such cases, the household ignitions produce sulfur dioxide. The electricity that is consumed is also by burning fossil fuels.

Causes Of Air Pollution- Causes Behind The Concern Regarding Nature
Causes Of Air Pollution- Causes Behind The Concern Regarding Nature

Synthetic Products

Such pollutions mainly fall under indoor air pollutions. Indoor air pollutions some times becomes more harmful than outside air pollution. Paints, perfumes, deodorants, cleaners, etc. cause indoor Air Pollution that causes various health problems like- asthma, lung diseases, etc.

Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking causes respiratory problems. Not only it’s health-hazardous, but the fire from the smoke can cause serious destruction. It is the most common indoor air pollution that also has a huge effect outside.

Thus air pollution has become more and more effective nowadays. The effects are falling upon everyone and causing serious damage to our health and nature.

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