Biodiversity Loss: What Is It & How To Reverse It? -

Biodiversity Loss: What Is It & How To Reverse It?

What is Biodiversity and Why it Matters?

Our planet is full of life. And researches prove that around 86 percent of the species of our world are still unknown. But with the activities that humans are doing and the rate at which they are damaging the environment, we may never get to see these species. Biodiversity loss is a significant problem for the planet. And it is getting worse and worse with every passing day. So what is biodiversity loss and how can you reverse the same?

The Meaning Of Biodiversity Loss

Biodiversity Loss: What Is It & How To Reverse It?
Biodiversity Loss: What Is It & How To Reverse It?

Biodiversity refers to all the species, genes, and ecosystem on our planet. Everything that exists on earth is a part of the same. Right from the smallest organism to the most massive whale, all of them are the constituent of biodiversity.

But biodiversity loss meanwhile refers to the death of each one of the above in our ecosystem. There have been many activities by human which have been destroying our ecosystem. Human interventions into the ecosystem with deforestation, urbanization, and farming have been some of the primary reasons behind the destruction of the planet. And once these critical species of the ecosystem die, we all also become extinct.

It is incredibly astonishing that in the last four decades we have lost around half of the biodiversity of our planet. And several types of research are showing that we will be missing the other half in the next three decades.

How Can You Reverse It?

Trying to save the planet is essential, but it is not going to be an individual effort. We all have to work together to protect the ecosystem. It will take small efforts from everyone to make a significant change to the ecosystem. There are several things which you can do to make the change.

Biodiversity Loss: What Is It & How To Reverse It?
Biodiversity Loss: What Is It & How To Reverse It?

·        It is essential that you start recycling items. The more you reuse and recycle, the better it is for the environment. Try to purchase reusable products. Materials like paper, wood, and others can be easily recycled and also do not make a significant impact on the environment. By making this small contribution, you can make a difference. You can also raise awareness about the same.

·        It is also extremely essential to reduce carbon footprints. We can easily do this by doing away with fuel cars for electric cars or hybrid cars. Because of this, there will be no harmful emission into the environment. You can also choose other modes of transportation like pooling vehicles, public transports, walking, or cycling.

·        If you want to protect the environment, you should also try to reduce the usage of plastic as much as possible. Plastic packaging is one of the biggest wastes which human beings make every day. So you must start staying away from them as much as possible. You can start using paper packages or other reusable products for the same.

·        There are numerous organizations which are working for the betterment of the environment. The least we can do is join them in their mission for the same. You can volunteer with them to create awareness in public.

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