Biodiversity And Ecosystem Stability

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The purity of our environment is degrading due to various changes that affect biodiversity. The climatic changes are worsening the environment. Due to overall temperature changes, environmental conditions are becoming worse day by day. Both fauna and flora get affected. Due to excessive heat or cold, plant and animal species are suffering the most. Their survival is becoming difficult in this kind of environment. No proper habitat is available to them. Most species are suffering from various diseases. Further, the increase in pollution and other anthropogenic environmental changes are harmful to the growth of species.

Biodiversity And Ecosystem Stability
Biodiversity And Ecosystem Stability: What’s The Big Deal

Causes Of Degradation In Biodiversity

Climatic Change

Carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels, biomass, deforestation, and agricultural practices contribute to greenhouse gases. As a result, heat is prevented from escaping the earth’s surface. With the increase in temperature, there will be an increase in greenhouse gases. Due to more significant variability in weather patterns and changes in the distribution of vegetation in the landscape, Some species are becoming extinct.


The significant and increasing cause of biodiversity loss and ecosystem dysfunction is nitrogen and phosphorous. Further, the increase of such gases leads to unwanted effects in the environment. They point to an immense rise in the growth of planktonic algae. 


Pollution is a far-reaching adverse effect on biodiversity. Moreover, pollution from burning fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas can remain in the air as particle pollutants or fall to the ground as acid rain. Acid rain is composed of sulphuric and nitric acid. It causes acidification of lakes, streams, and soils and thus contributes to slower forest growth and tree damage.

Measures To Stop Degradation Of Biodiversity

Preventing More Climatic Change

We all are familiar with how climate change has disastrous consequences for all living things on earth. Further, the excessive use of fossil fuels directly causes climate change.

Biodiversity And Ecosystem Stability: What's The Big Deal
Biodiversity And Ecosystem Stability: What’s The Big Deal

We should avoid using fossil fuels. Instead, we should move towards alternative energy sources and natural or sustainable products. It will help in reducing these climatic changes.


Education is one of the keys to success as we need to make people aware of the importance of biodiversity conservation. Moreover, the increase in public awareness can help the representatives push for environmental protection. Government legislation to protect our natural environments is one of the most effective ways of protecting biodiversity.

Preservation Of Nature

National parks are one of the ways that help prevent environmental degradation by various factors. They protect a region and the organisms who live there from certain types of development and provide access for people to visit them. It is most convenient because it not only protects the natural habitat but is also a place where people can experience and appreciate the ecosystem.

The main aim is to promote people to take measures and save the environment. In this way, people will develop more respect for the natural world and increases pressure on the government to protect more areas.


This article concludes by saying that biodiversity is what allows ecosystems to work and flourish. We should try to put all the effort so that we are successful in achieving the beauty of our nature. It should be the duty of every citizen to protect it at any cost.

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