Bad Impacts Of Pollution On The Wellness Of Nature

Pollution refers to the contamination of the environment with different pollutants. We can recognize pollution by the existence or presence of poisonous substances in the environment. That is harmful to the entire planet. Pollution rises due to the production of excess amounts of pollutants in the earth’s atmosphere. It causes bad impacts and serious damage to nature and hazardous damages to health. But it is not always necessary that contaminated things will create pollution. It can also come in the form of sound, heat, light, etc. Pollutants are substances that cause pollution.

Different Types Of Pollution And Their Bad Impacts

There are various types of Pollutions like Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Sound Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Radioactive Pollution, etc. Air Pollution refers to the incorporation of contaminated chemicals in the atmosphere. Mainly dangerous gasses like ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorofluorocarbon, etc. composes air pollution. It also comprises of atmospheric particles than can be either organic or inorganic and, biomolecules.

When pollutants come in contact with water bodies it results in water pollution. If we release the poisonous water into other natural water bodies it directly affects the aquatic ecosystem. Sound Pollution, that we also know as Noise Pollution which is the impact of sound falling negatively on us and animals. Sound pollution occurs as we exceed the maximum degree of volume. Pollution has various negative effects, in this article; we’re going to discuss a few “Negative Effects of Pollution.”

Bad Impacts Of Pollution On The Wellness Of Nature
Bad Impacts Of Pollution On The Wellness Of Nature

Global Warming- Bad Impacts Of Pollution

When we speak of the negative effect of pollution the first thing that comes to mind is Global Warming. Global warming is the direct result of the greenhouse effect. Due to that carbon dioxide and methane rise in the atmosphere. Generally, industries and factories produce these types of gases.

Acid Rain– Bad Impacts Of Pollution

Acid rain is the result of gasses that are produced by industries, factories, power plants, etc. These gasses are nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide which gets incorporated in the atmosphere along with the gasses that come from burning fossil fuel. These gases while mixing up with the atmosphere react with water and fall in the form of acid rain.

Extinction Of Animals- Bad Impact

The rising temperature ice is melting in the north pole and south pole which is resulting in the rise of sea level that results in the extinction of animals dependent on the oceans and rivers. Another negative effect of pollution is deforestation, due to the rise of temperature forest fires take place much often resulting in the extinction of Animals.

Bad Impacts Of Pollution On The Wellness Of Nature
Bad Impacts Of Pollution On The Wellness Of Nature

Climate Change- Bad Impact

Climate change is the result of global warming. The rise in temperature is destroying the climatic cycle. Due to climate change, ice melts in the South Pole and the North Pole which results in flood, extinction of animals, etc.

Respiratory Problem- Bad Impact

Pollution causes severe respiratory problems. Due to pollution health hazards like cough, allergies, asthma, even cancer increases. Inhaling pollutants directly affects the lungs and other organs.

The constant rise in pollution is affecting the entire ecosystem. Due to pollution humans, animals and, nature is getting affected. Pollutions are chemical substances that are created by humans and if necessary steps are not been taken by us then situations are going to get worse.

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