Available Green Works For Youth

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Green work is a fun way for students to get involved in learning about how their choices may help improve the environment. It is a way for them to take ownership of what they are learning while applying it to real-life situations. Green work may help students with issues such as global climate change and environmental justice while providing them with ways they can help improve their community.

So if you are looking for a way to engage your students while working with them on real-world problems, consider using some of the following types of green work.

Basher Five-Two

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It is an example of creating outreach activities for younger students by Dr. Angie Macias who was teaching elementary science at the time. The organization helps elementary schools implement green, healthy, and literacy-rich activities into their science education. It is a good way for younger students to get involved in green work while learning about science through fun and practical activities.

Owlets In Action

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It is an organization that has been around since 1998, focusing on bringing environmental education to children within the community. They help provide a foundation for children to grow up and make informed decisions about the environment.

Green Drinks Seattle

Inspired by Green Drinks UK, this organization is about people who put together monthly gatherings that highlight local green issues and feature seminars, such as eco-friendly topics like organic farming and solar energy.

Green Your School

Created by the Green Schools Program, Green Your School is a website full of resources for schools looking to engage in green work. The site includes lesson plans, activities, handouts, and sustainability tips. It can be by teachers or school administrators looking to do green work at their school.


Created by the University of Washington, it is a club made up of members interested in environmental issues and how they can make positive changes while also enjoying the outdoors. Members get involved with activities such as hiking, camping, biking, and kayaking. Not only does NU DUB provide fun events for members to attend, but they also help make the environment around them better by hosting cleanups of various places on campus.


This club is by Native American students who are interested in learning more about eco-friendly topics. They have many activities throughout the year that focus on providing their members with a better understanding of how their culture holds a key to living a sustainable life. They also work with other clubs on campus, such as the Environmental Science club, to help spur more interest in green topics and hold fun events that bring together students from both groups.

Green Team

The Green Team is an organization that helps students work together towards creating a more sustainable school. They do this by attending meetings to discuss how they can improve the environment around their school as well as create action plans on how to accomplish those improvements. The Green Team also works with other students in developing leadership skills, which may help other students become more aware of green issues.

These are just a few different ways students can get involved with green work. But, there are still organizations out there created by people who want to improve the environment and bring awareness of environmental issues to others. So if you are looking for a way to engage your students, consider some of these organizations or similar ones in your community or online!

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