Animal Habitat Activity Worksheets

Animal Habitats Worksheets

One of the coolest things I did when I was younger was to use Animal Habitats worksheets and doggie pads to teach kids about dogs and the different things they eat! The worksheets are great because it allows kids to work on the problem at hand by working on the worksheets and keeping the work time short enough for a kid’s attention span. It also makes it easy for the children to do a fun activity because it has already been done!

So here is what you need to do to prepare a kids worksheet for the animals in a habitat, so you can do the fun activity of sorting the worksheets as pictured below…. But kids absolutely loved doing this as an easy printable activity! Kids can practice sorting by different habitats. This activity was created so that dogs have the right habitat for each animal in a bag of dog biscuit treats!

The First Thing To Do

When you prepare your animal habitats, the first thing to do is to set up a few different boxes or bags of treats for your pets to eat. You will also need some dry dog food and some paper towels.

Now, with your dry food, you can start sorting the treats into three piles. The top pile is for your pet’s treats. The next two piles are for the toys that your pet plays with and the bottom pile for your pet’s toys and stuff they throw out. The key here is to know how many treats each animal has, so you can determine the amount of dog biscuit treats to put in the middle of the pile for the pet dog treats.

Now, once you know how many dog treats your pet has, you can divide the middle pile into two piles. For your first dog treat, you should add two threats to the first pile for the dog and one treat to the second pile for your cat. Once the dog eats the treat, take the treat from the second pile and put it in your little baggie or bowl. To start, you want to sort the treats in order from the bottom to the top, then take the treat from the middle of the pile and put it in the bottom of your baggie or bowl. Now, put the treat in the baggie or bowl for the dog and start sorting the treats in that order of the dogs treats per dog.

You Can Make Separate Treat Each Animal

You can also make separate treats for each animal. This is best to do with two or three treats at a time so that you know how many treats your pet has at any given time. In this example, you might consider dividing the treats by dogs then dividing the treats by cats. You will need to divide the treats by the number of dogs, then divide the treats by the number of cats.

While you are doing this, it might be a good idea to add some food for the cats in one area while teaching the kids how to treat their dog. Once you have sorted the treats, go over the baggie or container again to make sure the treats are all in one place. If the treats are not in the same spot, you will need to take all the treats from the area that the food came out of, add them to the next area, and then add the treats in the next area.


After you finish the worksheet, you are ready to go over the animal habitats to finish the animal habitat activity. Remember to check to see if the kids liked what you did, and give them a pat on the back for sorting the treats!

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