Alternatives to Destroying Animal Habitat - Alternatives to Destroying Animal Habitat -

Alternatives to Destroying Animal Habitat

destroying animal habitats

Some of us have probably seen news reports or seen wildlife photographers destroying wildlife habitats. This often occurs when farmers shoot and kill certain species of birds or mammals, for example. The same thing happens when humans destroy habitats for other creatures. But is this always the case? Why do some people seem to have a more respectful attitude when it comes to wildlife than others? In this article, we’ll take a look at some things that can explain the differences in how we view animals on this planet.

Perhaps the most obvious way that some people destroy animal habitats is through hunting. People kill many animals each and every day for sport. Many people don’t really consider the fact that they are also contributing to the destruction of an animal’s home. By killing animals, we are directly causing the death of thousands of animals each and every year.

Another way that people destroy animal habitats is by destroying or damaging their natural habitats for whatever purposes they see fit. For example, some people will deliberately set fire to a native forest so that they can harvest the natural nuts and berries that naturally grow in that area. While this method may work well for them, the surrounding inhabitants aren’t so lucky.

Destroying Animal Habitats

A bird flying over the water

Some animals have homes that they return to time again. Such animals as foxes or deer are able to live in several different areas at the same time. They use multiple hiding places and different times of the day to refuel. While we can destroy their home ranges, we certainly can’t wipe them out of existence. We can, however, prevent them from coming back to those areas in the future.

On the other hand, some animals are considered pests. These animals bring down a huge portion of the rodent population in urban areas. Their carcasses feed other rodents, and their urine or droppings spread germs all over a town or city.

In most cases, animals are targeted for their meat or fur. Those that are considered suitable for human consumption are rounded up, bagged, and sent to the meat grinder. The animal remains then undergoes even more killing once it gets to the meat grinder. After that, the animal becomes useless for anything except medical waste. While it may seem cruel to kill such an animal, it’s necessary to keep rodents from running rampant and taking over cities and towns.

Even pets can be destroyed for various reasons. Some owners simply hate to have pets because they can be carriers of disease. Other reasons include keeping unwanted pets in cramped quarters and then discovering that they have fleas, ticks, and other bugs attached to their skin. These bugs can easily transmit diseases to humans who come into contact with them.

A Much Ado

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The methods used to rid a town or city of an animal can vary widely. However, in many cases, the methods used are much the same. Many cities round up dead animals, bag them, and dispose of them. Others poison the animals, using rat poison, cattle poison, or other poisons. Still, others break these animals open and burn the bones so that nothing can eat them.

In the case of animals’ homes, these often need to be destroyed as well. A town or city will need to haul away all the rats, mice, and other rodents that are nesting in the houses. To do this safely and humanely, the animals’ homes will need to be destroyed first. Once the homes of the rodents have been destroyed, their feces will also need to be removed from the homes. This is typically done using heavy machinery.

There are numerous laws and rules surrounding destroying an animal’s habitat. For example, an animal sanctuary that is being destroyed must be totally destroyed. The owner will need to get rid of the rodents, insects, and other critters that are living in the area. This is actually a very effective way of reducing rodents in the area, since eliminating the animals keeps new ones from coming in. Also, many cities and towns require the animals’ habitats to be cleaned out every year or so. This ensures that the area remains free of pests.

Bottom Line

Some homeowners and animal lovers feel that killing an animal is a better option than having it relocate elsewhere. However, if there are no new homes available for the animals, then this is a perfectly fine view to take. If there were no homes for the animals, they would need to find somewhere else to live, and this can be a difficult problem. So, if you have a pet or know someone who has one, maybe you can convince them to let the animal stay.

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