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air pollution solutions

In 2021 Shanghai emitted its annual average PM2.5 standard air pollution level of 36 ug/ cubic meter, a drastic reduction from last year’s level of 62 ug/ cubic meter. The reason for the reduction is a combination of strict new building management rules and the adoption of cleaner vehicles. Both these initiatives have had a significant impact.

A recent study conducted in the eastern city of Hangzhou reported that the majority of fine particulate matter (GPM) is made up of small, fine dust particles. Particles with a diameter of less than five microns are also present. Such small particles are unable to be seen with the naked eye. To assess the extent of air pollution in China, scientists used high-resolution imaging spectrometers to determine the percentage of fine dust and GPM present in the atmosphere. This study was carried out jointly by researchers from the Beijing University School of Medicine, Shanghai University School of Health, and Institute of Environmental Sciences of Beijing University.

Chronic Respiratory Symptoms

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Based on the study, it was estimated that nearly nine million people in China experience chronic respiratory symptoms like cough, sore throat, asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath, and skin irritation due to exposure to air pollution. The study further reported that more than twenty million people suffer from acute respiratory symptoms caused by GPM and a high amount of fine aerosols. Such aerosols consist of volcanic ash, vehicle exhaust, factory emissions, and pesticides.

Based on the study, it was found that poor public transportation facilities, inadequate lighting and ventilation, inappropriate toilets, improper trash disposal, dirty water, and inadequate garbage collection are the leading causes of air pollution in China. The study further said that poor environmental policies and disregard for the impact of GPM on the environment were the major causes of air pollution in China’s big cities.

Inadequate Cleaning

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The deterioration of the environment in these cities is mainly caused by inadequate cleaning, efficient waste disposal, and low-quality waste treatment and disposal. In fact, there is a large variety of pollutants present in the air. They consist of gaseous emissions, particulates, and aerosols. The particulates or tiny solid particles are the major cause of air pollution because they easily attach themselves to the tiny air currents and enter the lungs and the airways causing problems.

Based on the study, it was found that the most common sources of air pollution in China are coal-fired power plants, cement factories, and woodstoves. On the contrary, the most serious air quality problem in China is caused by carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases, mainly from coal burning and vehicle exhaust. Although this is a serious problem, it has been brought under control. It is the biggest reason for the increase in air pollution worldwide. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement as there are too many industries that have not yet realized the importance of clean energy and renewable energy.

Clean Energy

There are numerous air pollution solutions to reduce the air pollution level in China to the greatest extent possible. One of these solutions is clean energy. The main sources of clean energy in China are solar energy, wind power, hydroelectricity, geothermal energy, and biomass. There are various clean energy projects in China and these include solar parks, wind farms, and large-scale hydropower projects.

Another of the air pollution solutions in China is reducing the amount of indoor air pollution by implementing home air quality programs. These include the use of filters in domestic heating and cooling systems, proper use of air conditioning and ventilation, and controlling the use of fireplaces. The use of fresh air cleaners is also recommended. These air cleaners are available in various models and in different sizes to match the requirement of different homes and different rooms.

Final Words

Besides the traditional air pollution solutions, there are many new solutions coming up. One of these is PM2.5, which is an abbreviation for the Particulate Matter which is considered harmful to health by all. Air purifiers based on the PM2.5 technology are very popular all over the world. If you are thinking of buying a new air purifier, make sure you check if it has this technology or not. Air purifiers are based on this technology to purify the air to the best possible level, preventing all these health disorders.

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