Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth -

Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth

Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth

Acid rains are the precipitation which occurs after contamination of the air surrounding the region. It occurs due to air pollution and is harmful to the environment. The disease of air includes more amount of Carbon dioxide, burning of coal, or other fuels. It also occurs due to the combustion of gases or substances which releases nitrogen as well as sulfur. The rain is very much harmful to the environment and might destroy the environment. Acid rain affects the forests, water bodies, and many iron and steel products

Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth
Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth

Acid Rain Effects: Adverse Effects

There is a lot of effects acid rain can cause. Acidic rain effects over places which suffers from lousy pollution problems. The air pollution which leads to acid rain is due to the emission of certain harmful gases. 


The primary environment matter which the acid rain effects in the land. The rain damages the ground due to the acidic content in it. Acid rain contains hydronium ion, which destroys the elements present in the soil. Aluminum is an essential element of soil, which destroys due to the acidic ions present. 

Acid Rain Effects: Forests And Vegetation

Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth
Acid Rain Effects On Our Planet Earth

The forest and vegetation of the areas where acid rain occurs are quite disturbing. The acid rain affects the forests and dries off the trees present there. The plant suffers due to the high concentration of acid in mists. The mountainous regions suffer from the problem of acidic rain like the clouds there are more harmful than the typical acidic content. 

Acid Rain Effects The Ocean

There are adverse effects on the ocean or marine life. Acid rain affects the oceans mainly by increasing the harmful contents on the open water body. However, it is not as much dangerous as it is to the environment. The coastal life suffers due to the sudden fall in the pH value of the water body. There are certain water species which are not able to create their exoskeleton which they need to survive. Acid rain affects the water bodies by indirectly affecting the water species. 

Human Health

Acid rain affects human health indirectly. The precipitation occurs due to the emission of harmful gases. These gases are directly dangerous for the human lungs. It causes lung as well as heart diseases. Diseases like asthma and bronchitis occur due to the intake of these harmful gases. 

Architectures And Monuments

The main destruction caused by acid rains in the disintegration of buildings and monuments. Acid rain affects the old buildings and monuments and ruptures them. The buildings get rusted and lose the shine or spark they carry. There is a direct effect when the acid rains come into direct contact with limestone or marble. Buildings made out of these stones suffer a lot due to acid rains. 


These were some of the few effects which acid rain causes. Acid rain affects the environment directly as well as indirectly. The storm is harmful to the water bodies too. However, these can be prevented by taking control of the industries or mines releasing or emitting such gases. These gases are a threat to the environment, and there needs to be a check over it daily.

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