A Greener Place Is What We Want The World To Be

A Greener Place, Is What We Want The World To Be

The environment is a natural resource where we survive and breathe, and where plants and animals thrive and animals feel comfortable. Our aim should be to protect it, not because the government says so but because it plays a vital role in our survival. The protection of our environment should come from our hearts. To save our environment, we should take all protective measures. We should focus on making the world a greener place. But in today’s world, are we protecting it? Are we concerned about the loss? Are we not afraid of depleting our natural resources?

A Greener Place, Is What We Want The World To Be
A Greener Place Is What We Want The World To Be

The answer to this is no. We, the citizens, are not taking any protective measures against this. If we would be frightened of it, then we won’t perform any such activities that would harm it. We neither preserve our environment nor maintain proper hygiene around us. Instead of stopping the humans from polluting the environment, we are encouraging them through our acts. Just by the side of the road, we threw garbage. We don’t care whether it’s near to someone’s house or whether it is a close market area or any other public, private place. Nowadays, humans have become so clever that they care for themselves, but they are not able to understand that they survive because of the natural environment.

Green Measures

Now whatever we have done to our environment does not matter a lot. What matters now is that we need to protect it. Problems such as global warming have been faced by our environment and this is not suitable for anyone. We should take protective measures against it and should encourage everyone to support it. It’s never too late to do something. In other words, even though our environment is polluted now, instead of regretting it, we can still do something to protect it.

A Greener Place, Is What We Want The World To Be
A Greener Place Is What We Want The World To Be

Save Paper

Now, forests are being cut down to make paper. This leads to many problems such as deforestation, global warming, and soil erosion. This is why we need to reduce the use of paper. For instance, instead of writing letters, we cabn send e-mails. We can bring reusable jute bags when we go shopping. Instead of a shopping list on a paper, type it in your phone.

Be Generous

Try being generous towards the environment as well as to people and see how your life changes. For instance, talk politely to people, and help someone plant trees. You will feel delighted when doing this.

Proper bins should be arranged for both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. Every citizen should participate in environment protection and protect us from losing our natural resources.

Volunteer At Local Schools

Whether you have a school-age child or not, children are the future of this world. Spend time helping them reach their potential by tutoring, mentoring, or taking part in an after-school program.

The benefit for future generations will make them cheerful, and they will reap all the benefits that are being planted now. All the citizens should together find a way to preserve and protect the natural resources and maintain a clean and healthy environment around us.

This will not only make us comfortable but also protect us from various diseases. Let us all take an initiative to help reduce global warming and bring the temperature to safe levels. We should stop any activities that harm our environment.

End Notes

I will now conclude by encouraging everyone to protect the environment, to make it a better surrounding to breathe and survive. The trees that we plant now will benefit future generations. They can live peacefully and can enjoy the purity of the environment. The poem ‘The Heart Of The Tree’ by Henry Bunner mentions the benefits of protecting our environment and helping future generations to reap all the benefits.

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