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3 Thing You Can Do For Protected Animal Habitats And Preventing Them From Extinction

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There are only a few protected animal habitats left on earth that are considered endangered species. The main reason why these protected animal habitats are going extinct is because of people’s habit of hunting. Although hunting wildlife is now a criminal offense, people still find their way to do so. 

Mother nature has made everything systematic. Every small insect to large animals, to aquatic life, is made in a systematic way to rely on each other. But man’s interference is running everything that should not be there. This is the reason that excessive deforestation, hunting leads to animals walking towards cities in search of food and shelter. 

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There are many NGOs and foundations working towards the betterment of wildlife and rarely protected animal habitats. But this isn’t enough unless we as humans show humanity and, without seeking any benefit out of it, start contributing towards protected animal habitats

Here are some ways that you can do to protect wildlife and protected animal habitats. 

Stand Up For Wildlife

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  • Animals don’t have a voice to speak, but you do, and your voice matters. Raise your voice to state elected officials and encourage them to support policies that are for protected animal habitats. 
  • Sign up for AWI alerts, this will keep you informed about urgent animal protection issues, and you can provide quick help wherever needed. 
  • Regularly check AWI’s publication about protected animal habitats and wildlife, and share this with others. 

Make Your Yard Friendly For Protected Animal Habitats

  • If you have a big yard in a rural area, plant native species of trees, flowers, and bushes in your yard. Even if you live close to a forest, you can do so. This will give wild animals shelter, food, and a place to raise their families. 
  • Plant native species of plants and trees to attract the majority of birds, butterflies, and insects to your garden. 

Protect The Environment For Protected Animal Habitats

  • One of the most effective, helpful, and easiest ways to protect the protected animal habitats is to preserve the environment in which animals are living. 
  • If you have organizations nearby, volunteer to restore grasslands, native forests, coastal ecosystems, etc. but planting native species and removing invasive plant species. 
  • Hold on to your local trash cleaner or volunteer in one to help the habitats of imperiled species. 
  • Highly use and recommend others for 3R Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 
  • Respect protected animal habitats, wild animals just the way to do to the people by not entering in their personal space. Don’t approach them; you are invading their personal space. 


These were some of the few tips to protect wild animals and contribute towards protected animal habitats. There are many other ways you can contribute to protected animal habitats and an environment like Save energy! For example, instead of using a car for a short distance, use a bicycle or simply walk. This way not only you will contribute to the environment but also stay fit.

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